If you would like to VOLUNTEER on-campus at Forest View Elementary or at a PTA event, you must first COMPLETE and submit a volunteer application/background check with the Everett Public School District and it must be APPROVED by the district.

You will need to apply every 2 years in order to keep current and approval takes up to 2 - 3 weeks.

District volunteer applications/volunteer background checks MUST be completed online: www.everettsd.org/volunteer

We are excited to have you on a PTA Team!  Below you will find a list of resources and documents to help you manage many of the aspects of your event or program.  If you need any help or have any questions, contact the current Vice Presidents of Volunteers at volunteers@forestviewpta.org


We use Team Notebooks to help Team Coordinators get up to speed more quickly.  Notebooks are available from a Volunteer VP. Please feel free to customize your Team Notebook any way that makes sense for your team.  Contact the Volunteer VPs at volunteers@forestviewpta.org if you have any questions.


We hope you find our flyer guidelines document useful.  It includes tips and guidelines, plus HOW to get it distributed in Kid Mail.  Be sure to use our logos if you are creating a flyer and want to include one of our standard graphic images.


To help coordinators with the planning process, we've created a tool:  the Plan of Action (POA) form (see what it looks like here). Use of this form is OPTIONAL, but we hope some coordinators will find it useful. Here's a sample of what a completed POA form might look like.